Crane Flower Romper+Vest Duo

The first day of summer is in the books and needless to say, it’s going to be a hot one. You may have to get over wanting to wear those maxi dresses or sleeveless jumpers and show a little leg. Personally I love that rompers have come back with a vengeance, I don’t have to put that extra effort into finding bottoms to go with the crazy shirt, from last year…Yes, the one still with the tag. [After all] Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability- Sam Keen. 


*Paris & Me Romper* XS (a little big) , ASOS Sleeveless Jacket US 0 (true to size), Joie Quinn Pump sz 5.5(different color or similar), Forever 21 Sunglasses (old, similar), H&M Belt sz XS (old but can find in store, similar), Forever 21 Earrings (similar)

*(Romper) Call to order, will ship domestically & internationally

Just a quick and short post today, mixing the old with the new. These heels have made their appearance a few times on the blog. I have worn them with a little, black, strapless dress and blazer IN THIS POST and a longer, v-neck dress IN THIS POST. They really are extremely comfortable, flattering and a little sexy. I love the twist it adds even to just a pair of jeans and plain shirt, which I have also done! (I wish I would have bought two pairs). 


This romper does run slightly large in the waist, so I added a thin, waist belt to accentuate a curve rather than a lack thereof. It is nice to have a few waist belts on hand, I used one IN THIS POST with a denim, shirt dress. Adding a belt is a quick fix, especially if you don’t have time to get something tailored (or you are a great procrastinator-me). 


Did I ever mention that I LOVE layering, even in the summer?  Sleeveless blazers add that next fashionable dimension, that chic ambiance to your outfit, but you have to do it tastefully. For instance, if you are wearing something that doesn’t show your shape under the vest you will look frumpy not fashionable (even more so if you are short). I wore this “type” of outfit (oversized blazer+form-fitted item) to my sister’s baby shower, pictured IN THIS POST

More photos of this romper can be seen below!






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