Crane Flower Romper+Vest Duo

The first day of summer is in the books and needless to say, it’s going to be a hot one. You may have to get over wanting to wear those maxi dresses or sleeveless jumpers and show a little leg. Personally I love that rompers have come back with a vengeance, I don’t have to put that extra effort into finding bottoms to go with the crazy shirt, from last year…Yes, the one still with the tag. [After all] Deep summer is when laziness finds respectability- Sam Keen.  Read More

The {Sexy} Sandal|Blazer Duo

A few months ago I had been trying to find a reasonably priced, “lace up” heel and when I finally found (and bought) the shoe, I could BARELY walk in them…Barely is an understatement. I walked like a 5-year-old wearing her mom’s 6-inch, leather stilettos.  Yeah, that image is not so cute when you’re 24. I was about to give up the hunt until I eyed a pair at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. Read More