The {Sexy} Sandal|Blazer Duo

A few months ago I had been trying to find a reasonably priced, “lace up” heel and when I finally found (and bought) the shoe, I could BARELY walk in them…Barely is an understatement. I walked like a 5-year-old wearing her mom’s 6-inch, leather stilettos.  Yeah, that image is not so cute when you’re 24. I was about to give up the hunt until I eyed a pair at Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. I was skeptical, but when I tried them on they were not only easy to walk in, the sole was like a little, squishy, down pillow (like the ones you want to steal from a fancy hotel)! Now you get me? After I made my happy purchase, I started rifling through my closet for some styling inspiration. Just kidding, I stalked Kim Kardashian’s instagram; she wears these types of shoes like a normal person wears sneakers. In the end, I feel pretty good, confident and (for once) sexy when I wear this fun duo. That’s what style is all about, outward expression. If you look good, you feel good♥. Remember (***) for items from Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale. Scroll down↓ for more info.

The {Details}


Shoes- ***Joie ‘Quinn’ Sandal

Blazer- Crepe Blazer

Dress- Caramel Cotton Tube Dress (See Note)

Necklace: Multi Strand Beaded Necklace

Note: I bought the black tube dress back in 2010, from French Connection, so I listed a few alternatives/similar items below. Honestly, any plain black dress would go well with this.

Close Up of these Sexy Mamas, I mean Sandalslaceyshoebox

↔Other Suggestions & Twists



Splash of Color– Fresher Than Ever Blazer

Great $teals- ***Slouchy Boyfriend Blazer & Oversized Open-Front Blazer


Almost IdenticalBandeau Dress

DaRiNgPlunge Dress

Designer- Strapless Heart Dress(50% Off)

Great $teal- Heartless Knit Dress


EDGY♠- The Court Bib or Obsidian Mixed Metal Links

Great $teal- Layered Faux Pearl Necklace

♦Jeweled♦- Sea Glass Anemone Bib

〈When your phone dies and takes forever to turn back on…〉

〈Selfie with the Big-Boy camera〉laceyshoeangleme

Where to Wear and MORE

 Where: Lunch/Dinner Date, Broadway Musical or Play, Office Party, Just Because

Purse: Keep it simple- Black Clutch or Small Shoulder Bag (Examples)

Earrings: I wouldn’t, just do a necklace

Hair: Sophisticated- Bun, Ponytail or Straight (Pic Below↓)

Makeup: Nothing too crazy, your every day should be fine(↓)

{Hair} & {Makeup}




More Photos


Poor pup, he’s making such a pitiful face.laceyshoetman2Tman -Just take me to the dog park Mom. Dad, help me out a little.

Now he’s just pissed.laceytmansadTman– I’m done. No park, no smile.

laceybothboysTman– Seriously, done.

KINGsley– I see food. I think…Ehhh, I’ll still eat it.

As always, don’t hesitate to leave any questions or comments below. You can also reach me via email at, social media (Instagram:Lydiauwilliams, Twitter: @MacaronsAndMJs) or like √ my Facebook Page. Other than that, sweet dreams, good morning,  happy afternoon and a bunch of other greetings, for whatever time of day it is for you.



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