Green Twist+Dark Denim / FALLing for Colors

FALL is my favorite time of year (apart from Christmas). Not only are we inching closer to college football, ROLL TIDE), we get to dust off our coats, wear jeans without getting too hot, and sport dark colors on a daily basis! Did I mention football starts too? Here’s to Fall 2016 and breaking out the olive-green shirt I’ve been dying to wear♥


Lush Woven Top sz XS, *[BLANKNYC] Intro Jeans sz 24 (on sale, limited supply), Vince Camuto Strap Sandal , Louis Vuitton Eva Clutch, Fossil Necklace (similar), Urban Outfitters Choker (similar), Nikibiki Bralette (call 619-435-0514)

*[BLANKNYC] Skinny (similar), I bought the jeans above @ avenu.

Next to black and white, green has become a large section in my closet. There may be a little influence in the fact that it’s Chris’s favorite color, but I’m really falling in love with the color more and more. When I saw this top it caught my attention and I immediately wanted it. The twist in the front adds some pizzazz to what would have been a simple, v-neck shirt. The “V” was a little low, so I put the crisscross bralette (I own 3 of these and I ♥ them) and a dainty and long necklace to accent the neckline while adding some extra coverage. Dark, distressed denim and earthtones compliment each other nicely and it helps that these pants are extremely soft, comfortable and a reasonable length for us petite girls. {These pants can be seen HERE with a very different look/outfit}  Speaking of comfortable, these Vince Camuto sandals don’t upset and they are very affordable too! They truly go with everything.  You can wear them for hours and I don’t know about you, but this 5’0 ft girl will take all the help(height) she can get.


Nights in San Diego can get a little chilly, even during the summer. Chris and I try to go on a date once a week, on this gloomy night we decided on racing go-carts…45mph go-carts. Let me give you a tip, heels add a whole new challenge to go-cart driving. Nonetheless I’m ready for round 2, I need redemption and to bring a change of tennis shoes. Hang in there, only ONE more day until the weekend!! If you don’t have plans yet, go-carts are pretty dang fun. Just saying. 



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