The Williams Take Cabo ✈ the Cape, a Thompson Hotel

So to say we were in desperate need of a “relaxing” vacation, is laughable…I say “relaxing” because my husband tells me I always seem to plan those  go-go-go vacations. You know, where the crazy family member(me) makes an itinerary for each day and dinner reservations weeks beforehand? Yep, I am guilty but my competitive side had to show him I could let go of the reigns and plan  (but not really plan) a real vacation. Read More

The|FUN|Fringe Skirt

Happy Fall Y’all! Yes, I had to say it. Fall is officially in the air, well at least in most states that is. I love this year’s fall, fashion trends, especially the short skirts. You can rock out in a leather skirt with studded, black, leather boots or embrace a little seventies lovin’ and wear a corduroy mini-skirt with cream, thigh-high tights and loafers. Ahh, I absolutely love this time of year, there are so many ways to mix-it-up with the endless accessories and warm layers.  So my first “Fall Look” is focused around a fun, fringe, mini skirt from one of my ♥favorite stores! Scroll down for the details and where to find each item ⇓⇓⇓ I also included a new section with a number of different outfits, ALL which include the fringe skirt. Read More

The {Lacey|Dainty} Blouse

Whoa, this weekend has been crazy busy. Sorry it has been a few days, since I posted. During this insane weekend, I found some time to  visit Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!! (Insert my husband, rolling his eyes, thinking I ALWAYS find time to shop). Ignoring his eyes and continuing on, this week I will be sharing, with you, what I bought and how I would pair it with an outfit. In addition, I will include my Fall Wish List sometime this week. Read More

The Cape


Super heroes aren’t the only one wearing capes! Ha! Okay sorry for the cheesy pun, but I couldn’t help myself. Cutting to the chase this week’s OOTW (Outfit Of The Week) is very special, it is one of my favorite gifts that I have EVER received. I saw this cape on one of the bloggers I follow and sent the picture to my sister. She not only went through the trouble Read More