Sophisticated Sundress//Attire for a Wedding

I am absolutely in love with this dress, not just for it’s flattering waistline or detailed embroidery, but for it’s versatility. I’ll elaborate on this, but first raise your hand if you have a shower, rehearsal dinner, or a wedding to attend in the next few months? Who also doesn’t have a clue on what to wear? You’re not alone in your attire anxiety, but this dress could be your solution. Read More

Life as of Late…and a Denim Dress

Since my last post I celebrated my 25th birthday, sold my house, had a emotional break-down, booked a trip to Disney World, became a tutor and painted a few pictures…That’s my short list, but you get the picture there is a lot going on. Unfortunately, I had to put some things on the back-burner and put “me” back together and functioning. I’m still figuring it out and I’m also reading all those articles about “What would 50-year-old me tell 25-year-old me” to try and get some direction. Whoever thought 25 would be so stressful? Do any other millennials feel a little lost? Read More