The {Lacey|Dainty} Blouse

Whoa, this weekend has been crazy busy. Sorry it has been a few days, since I posted. During this insane weekend, I found some time to  visit Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!! (Insert my husband, rolling his eyes, thinking I ALWAYS find time to shop). Ignoring his eyes and continuing on, this week I will be sharing, with you, what I bought and how I would pair it with an outfit. In addition, I will include my Fall Wish List sometime this week. Read More

The Little {Blue} Swing Dress

I hope everyone had a great last few days! I was definitely one lucky-lady this weekend. My husband came home from a month-long class in Rhode Island and then we were reunited with our youngest pup, Kingsley. Kingsley had been in training for 21 days! I am so happy to have ALL of the family together again and also get to share my favorite fit from my eventful weekend.  Read More