Top 10 Reasons to Have a Dog (After College)

Most of those who follow me on Social Media know about my two fur babies, Tiberius and Kingsley. It’s obvious that I’m a dog lover, but I didn’t always feel so warmly towards them. In reality, I had no intentions on ever having a dog(s). For one, they require a lot of work, time, and commitment. The previous statement will always be true, but I soon found out that the pros out-weigh the cons by a landslide. Below are MY Top 10 Reasons to Have a Dog↓ and why I would wait until after college. 


*Listed In No Particular Order*

  1. Your dog is always excited to see you. No matter if you were gone for 30 minutes or 10 hours, their reaction is the same.
  2. Hearing or seeing a dog, inside your home, helps deter burglars from breaking in. (*This was a big plus for me since my husband goes on deployments.)
  3. Boredom ceases to exist. Dogs are always up for a trip outside, or for someone to throw their toy.
  4. Dogs are loyal, they will never expose your secrets.
  5. It’s easier to meet people when you have a dog, a huge positive if you just moved to a new city.
  6. Laughing will always be a part of your day. (*I wish I could film some of the things my pups do, they’re hilarious. For example, yesterday Tiberius walked straight into the screen door, fell on his face and tried to get up all cool like nothing happened. Kind of like people in this video.
  7. You will never eat alone. EVER. Yep, they will be in close proximity displaying their “best” behavior and waiting for you to give into the pitiful/adorable face they are making.
  8. Dogs are telepathic…Okay fine dogs aren’t really telepathic, but they are extremely perceptive. Anytime that I have been sick BOTH Tiberius and Kingsley change their demeanor. They will check up on me constantly, sleep near me all night and stay extremely(abnormally) calm and quiet.
  9. Dogs are the best pre-baby practice. They don’t talk, they completely rely on you for food, they have to be potty-trained and they teach you to have  patience…Before Tiberius I couldn’t even keep a plant alive!
  10. Your entire life changes, for the better. Scientifically proven, people who have a dog are in better health than those who don’t AND dog owners tend to have less anxiety/stress overall.

*Why is college not the best time to get a dog? Dogs are truly a huge responsibility and most people have so much on their plate, during college, that adding another element may be too much. College is about figuring yourself out, doing well in school and making last minute plans without thinking twice. If you add a pup into the mix  you can’t be as spontaneous, you can’t immediately say “YES” until you are able to find someone to watch over your furry child (even now this can been difficult without paying an arm and a leg). You want the flexibility/freedom to drop everything and go in college. Plus being responsible for myself was plenty.

*When is the best(more ideal) time?  After college graduation things change. You and your friends end up scattered, in cities, all across the country. College is over and real-life has started. Real-life can be lonely, especially in a new city where you know virtually no one. The thought of being so alone is depressing, I get it, but that is why the timing is perfect. You just went through some drastic changes and coming home to a rambunctious ball of love and furriness will make the transition, from college to the real world, a lot more bearable.

Here are a few pictures that confirm reason #6↓


When he sees the new, pretty Lady (Lab) that just moved in…How you doin’?


Living the ruff life


We agreed to wear these hats, in exchange for the entire birthday cake 


Who can say no to that face? 


♥Brotherly Love♥


(Tiberius-left, Kingsley-right)

Who could resist faces like these? Chris and I may get annoyed sometimes, but we are truly thankful for our furry kids…Even if we have lost a few shoes and curtains along the way.



P.S. The name Tiberius came from James “Tiberius” Kirk, from the Star Trek movies. Long story short, he ended up with that name because Chris liked it so much, he wanted one of our future kids to have it. Problem solved, you cannot name your child after your dog. The name Kingsley came from the Harry Potter book series and it’s as simple as that. 

*Type of Breed: Tiberius is a Labradoodle and Kingsley is a Miniature Goldendoodle.