Floral Fun/How to be a ‘Stylish’ Tourist

Summer is almost here and your suitcase (and sanity) is itching to travel anywhere far, far away from your current location. It’s okay to admit wanting a few days, no judging here. Instead I’m a full supporter of being unattainable for a few days. Like most trips, they normally entail a little touristing, possible gawking and a million photos. Being a tourist is fun, but sometimes locals do not share the same sentiment . Tourist can stick out like a sore thumb, which either makes you a target or someone to avoid. I don’t know about you, but if I’m visiting a new place I rather blend in than be the target of exploitation or a person to dodge. Wow I sound negative. I really do love being a tourist and traveling around the world. Personally I just prefer gawking at half-naked, man statues in peace, without being bombarded to buy a plastic replica. I learned that this “type” of situation is something I would like to avoid- for future trips. You may be in a country that speaks a different language, but your clothing can be multi-lingual. So today I want to give a few tips on how to avoid being a target tourist when viewing marble buttocks or whatever.  Read More

(Closed)Christmas Eve {EVE} GIVEAWAY!

Sometimes the holiday season can get the best of us…That really is putting it lightly, let me re-word my statement a little. The holidays can be one hell of a stressful time, like lock yourself in your bedroom, with a bottle of pinot noir, and binge watch every season of Grey’s Anatomy kind of time. Yeah, that’s more like it. We have all been there, at some point or another, during Christmas time. We can’t help but wonder, why do we subject ourselves to this annually? It’s a valid question. I know I cannot speak for everyone, but I can tell you why I continue to look forward to December, year after year. For me, it’s the equivalent to a massive, old-timey alarm clock(the one with two bells). Now you are confused, but just keep reading and I think it will make sense. Read More

The {Lacey|Dainty} Blouse

Whoa, this weekend has been crazy busy. Sorry it has been a few days, since I posted. During this insane weekend, I found some time to  visit Nordstrom’s Anniversary Sale!! (Insert my husband, rolling his eyes, thinking I ALWAYS find time to shop). Ignoring his eyes and continuing on, this week I will be sharing, with you, what I bought and how I would pair it with an outfit. In addition, I will include my Fall Wish List sometime this week. Read More