Cream Cheeseūüź•Chicken Chili

I don’t know about everyone else, but I¬†love¬†the holiday season. You know what else happens this time of year-cold weather, comfort food and cashmere sweaters. Speaking of food and weather…There is nothing like a hot bowl of chili, to warm you up, after a¬†cold day. Instead of the same ole’ chili ¬†you always tend make, you should¬†mix-it-up,¬†add a little diversity to your¬†family’s dinner table. Luckily, I have the¬†perfect¬†(Crock-Pot)recipe, tested and approved by the pickiest eater-MY HUSBAND. Read More

Cinnamon {Cream Cheese} Squares

I found this recipe during my senior year, at UA, and have since changed a few measurements. The result: a ridiculously, addicting, need to stop but can’t dessert. PLUS this recipe is super easy and quick (easy and quick enough for a senior taking 19 hours, studying for the MCAT, planning a destination wedding and still having a second to bake a dessert for her fianc√©). I am now tired by just thinking about that time in my life, whoa. You get the picture, it’s an “anyone can make this” recipe, BUT the best part is how insanely, delicious these cream cheese squares truly are.

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