I am on a recipe binge, I’ll go ahead and blame the holidays. This time of year just makes me so happy, it is the time for ALL of your favorite, shouldn’t eat this on a regular basis, foods. I constantly have to fight the urge to throw on an apron and cook pumpkin everything. Just kidding…I don’t wear an apron. Onto the recipe, I have only made this Pumpkin Bread twice. The first time was two years ago and then just two days ago. This recipe is really delicious and impressive, however, it does take a little bit of time. I like to save it for a special treat or occasion…or when I buy an awesome loaf pan and need an excuse to use it. So,pumpkin bread it is. ¬†Did I mention it’s delicious? Read More

Cream Cheeseūüź•Chicken Chili

I don’t know about everyone else, but I¬†love¬†the holiday season. You know what else happens this time of year-cold weather, comfort food and cashmere sweaters. Speaking of food and weather…There is nothing like a hot bowl of chili, to warm you up, after a¬†cold day. Instead of the same ole’ chili ¬†you always tend make, you should¬†mix-it-up,¬†add a little diversity to your¬†family’s dinner table. Luckily, I have the¬†perfect¬†(Crock-Pot)recipe, tested and approved by the pickiest eater-MY HUSBAND. Read More