Floral Fun/How to be a ‘Stylish’ Tourist

Summer is almost here and your suitcase (and sanity) is itching to travel anywhere far, far away from your current location. It’s okay to admit wanting a few days, no judging here. Instead I’m a full supporter of being unattainable for a few days. Like most trips, they normally entail a little touristing, possible gawking and a million photos. Being a tourist is fun, but sometimes locals do not share the same sentiment . Tourist can stick out like a sore thumb, which either makes you a target or someone to avoid. I don’t know about you, but if I’m visiting a new place I rather blend in than be the target of exploitation or a person to dodge. Wow I sound negative. I really do love being a tourist and traveling around the world. Personally I just prefer gawking at half-naked, man statues in peace, without being bombarded to buy a plastic replica. I learned that this “type” of situation is something I would like to avoid- for future trips. You may be in a country that speaks a different language, but your clothing can be multi-lingual. So today I want to give a few tips on how to avoid being a target tourist when viewing marble buttocks or whatever. 


TopShop Retro Floral Tea Dress (Petite 2), Amber Espadrille Sandal (US5), Kate Spade Cobble Hill Charley Backpack (similar), Tory Burch ‘Bombe T’ Leather Backpack (similar)

*My backpack is Kate Spade and the material is black leather. The two other options provided are very similar in size and color to my own. 



Just like most of you I want to be comfortable when I’m doing my tourist thing. I’m definitely “that girl” who will be a pain in the ass if I am constantly having to situate my clothing. Yes it would be easier to throw on an old, college t-shirt, shorts and nike shoes, but if I want to blend in that’s not the way to go.

Here are a few points to consider beforehand:

  • Check the weather for the day-most important.
  • Will there be a lot of walking ? If so, DO NOT wear a new pair of shoes and bring band-aids (ALWAYS).
  • Bring a crossbody purse or backpack, one that has a zipper and no exposed compartments. Big, bulky bags will cause you more grief than good.
  • Google your destination. What do they wear? Are the clothes colorful, modest, etc?
  • For extended trips- bring items that are solid colored, that can be mixed and matched with each other.

THE DRESS– This dress is perfect for hot and humid weather. I prefer to wear dresses in the heat and this one is perfect for summer weather. The material is breathable, it doesn’t cling, the length is great and it’s extremely comfortable. 


Normally I have my camera and that bad boy does not fit in a crossbody purse, so backpack it is! I bought this backpack for my recent trip to Disney World. It was the perfect size for my wallet, camera, phone, water bottle and a few other necessary items. Also, even though it was a little heavy, having the weight dispersed between both shoulders made carrying it easy. 

THE BACKPACK-I went with a fashion backpack over The North Face one from college, because it looks more like an accessory than necessity. My college backpack screams, “I’m a tourist and I contain a lot of expensive stuff!” ←Another situation I would like to avoid.


THE SHOES– Though I would love to be able to rally in some heels, I can’t last more than 5 hours in my most comfortable ones. That leaves me with either sandals or tennis shoes (during summer). If I’m walking a lot a little cushion/support is a necessity. This whole espadrille movement has been awesome, I can wear these gems (pictured above) all day and it gives me a little height too! There are a lot of different shoes you could wear with this dress. I have included a few below↓

Other Options: Steve Madden Ecentrcq Sneakers (US 5.5), Vans 2 Tone Glitter Lo Pro (Mens 3.5), Tory Burch Colorblock Espadrille Flat (US 5), ASOS Jessica Lace Up Espadrilles (US 5), Adidas Superstar Shoes (US 5)


I hope this post helps someone for their upcoming vacation! Feel free to message me or contact me via social media if you have any questions. Also, follow me on Instagram for outfits that are not always included in a post. Enjoy this long Memorial Day weekend and be safe! 



P.S. Scroll for more pics↓⇓↓



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