Sunny Day: Ice Cream, Denim + Pumps

Blog world, we meet again! So much has happened in the past couple months, but that is for another day and another post. I’m changing up a few things on the site/posts and I hope y’all will like it! Now let’s talk about some {Spring} fashion and how I built an ENTIRE outfit around a tote bag.



Kate Spade ‘Ice Cream Francis’ Tote, Forever 21 Skinny Jeans (24), Madewell Tank (xs), BLANKNYC Denim Shirt (xs), Ted Baker Shoes (US 6), Ray-Ban Mirrored Sunglasses

For those close to me (or my sister) know I have an obsession with desserts/pastries, both the edible and the non-edible sorts. So it comes as no surprise that when I eyed this bag, I drooled a little and immediately decided it was going home with me. With my new tote in hand, it was all the motivation I needed to start posting again. 



Now all I needed was to build an outfit around the tote. First, I decided on what colors I wanted to play on. Pastels and denim have been everywhere this Spring, so I wanted to incorporate them both into my outfit. While at my new job (Paris & Me boutique) I spotted the BLANKNYC vest and knew it could be the denim in my outfit. It’s such a fun piece to have, one that you can dress up or dress down. Since the vest is on the longer side and I’m on the shorter side, pumps and skinny jeans were the way to go.

*Currently Paris & Me are sold out of the vest, but check out their Instagram for upcoming retail crushes! PLUS, avenu (their sister store, also on Instagram) just opened and they have some things I’m drooling over too.


The vest is a mid-color denim so I thought a colored jean would go nicely…I changed my mind when I was shopping and instead went with ivory jeans. Sometimes it is okay to be extremely colorful, but with pastels simple is better. If pastels had personality traits I think they would be dainty, sophisticated and well-spoken. Oh and their best friends would be shades of cream, white and gold. Taking my own advice, simple, nude pumps were a must and I had a pair sitting in my closet.


All that’s left is the shirt and accessories. Living in Coronado(San Diego) Spring days are pleasantly warm and nights are crisp and cool. Seeing as I wanted to wear this outfit most of the day and some of the night, a sleeveless shirt would do. Originally I was looking for a blouse, but when I saw a tank with a great neckline and color it was a done deal.


This picture makes me laugh. I don’t know how to look “normal” when eating ice cream and I couldn’t resist the irony- eating ice cream with my ice cream tote, it was a good day. Back to the outfit, the last thing I like to do is top off my outfits with accessories. For this one I went with round, gold sunglasses, earrings and a watch. Normally I prefer necklaces, but with the vest’s collar and the tank’s scoop neckline a necklace seemed a little much. 

Keep scrolling for more photos from this beautiful, Easter weekend↓↓


Ice Cream-Moo Time Creamery Coronado



It was such a sunny, beautiful day I thought I would celebrate with some flowers from The Coronado Flower Lady . As you can see below, MASON JARS can be used for many things 🙂


I hope you all had a great Easter and enjoyed my newest post! Much more post to come and I promise not to take a break anytime soon. 



Romans 12:12 Be joyful in hope, patient in affliction, faithful in prayer

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