(Closed)Christmas Eve {EVE} GIVEAWAY!

Sometimes the holiday season can get the best of us…That really is putting it lightly, let me re-word my statement a little. The holidays can be one hell of a stressful time, like lock yourself in your bedroom, with a bottle of pinot noir, and binge watch every season of Grey’s Anatomy kind of time. Yeah, that’s more like it. We have all been there, at some point or another, during Christmas time. We can’t help but wonder, why do we subject ourselves to this annually? It’s a valid question. I know I cannot speak for everyone, but I can tell you why I continue to look forward to December, year after year. For me, it’s the equivalent to a massive, old-timey alarm clock(the one with two bells). Now you are confused, but just keep reading and I think it will make sense.

Throughout the entire year, people who are close to me and some who are not do out-of-the-ordinary acts of kindness. I know we should be constantly appreciating these people, but we are human and we get caught up in our own lives and schedules and I’m not any different. Sorry, I easily start to elaborate things to death. I need to get to my point…The holiday season is my alarm clock. It’s my reminder to take time and show a little selflessness and gratitude to the world around me. And guess what? You feel pretty damn good at the end of all of it. Yes it can be stressful and cause you copious amounts of anxiety, but I wouldn’t trade Christmas for any other time or thing- not even a 10-day vacation, at a five-star hotel in Bora Bora. Think I’m crazy? I am a little. But honestly, I love giving presents. I don’t care if I get anything in return, really, I am just so ecstatic to finally let my friends and family unwrap their gifts. It’s the smiles, the occasional  gasp and sometimes the few silent tears, that makes every single bit of the holiday season truly worth while. It’s my alarm that I don’t continually hit snooze on and that’s saying a lot. 

Did I mention I like to give gifts, even to complete strangers? Well I do, but you do have to follow a few simple steps for a chance at this Christmas Giveaway. Continue below↓ for what’s up for grabs and how to enter!

{Macarons Mason Jars}




Ready to see what’s inside that box???


I love most all clothing/accessories that relates to food…You can never go wrong with a cute cupcake. PLUS you can’t deny the excitement, you are feeling, when you think about all those “no calorie, at least for the holiday” Christmas desserts.


Even if you don’t wear a lot of makeup, I’m pretty sure you keep chapstick or lipgloss in your purse or pocket. This box has some of my favorite brands, with a bunch of shades to try out!


Who loses all their hairbands, even though they just bought a bundle last week? Yeah, story of my life. These will hopefully last you until 2016. Maybe.


Instagram and Facebook instructions are separate.

*You must complete all items, on Instagram OR Facebook, to be eligible to win. You may NOT enter both Instagram and Facebook. Your name will only go in once.

**Entry closes on December 23rd at 5:00PM PST


1. Follow Me @lydia_williams_

2. Like the “Giveaway” announcement

3.Tag at least one friend (in the comments) that loves Christmas OR needs a little, extra Christmas cheer this season!


1. Like my website’s Facebook Page

2. On the latest post, like and tag a friend that would love these items too!

Winner, winner, chicken dinner…

The winner will be announced on December 23rd, at 7:30 PST. 

The winner’s name will be posted on my blog.

The winner will be chosen at random and will have 24 hours to claim their prize. Although there are two ways to enter(Instagram/Facebook), there will be only ONE winner. Unfollowers within a week of the giveaway closing will be unable to enter in future giveaways.

Happy holidays and safe travels to everyone and your families! I cannot wait to travel to Alabama and meet a few new members of my family. I’m coming for both of you- Camilla Rose and Stella Colette- get ready to be smothered with kisses!

Happy Holidays,


Update: Liza Lee Tweedy is the winner of M&MJ Christmas Eve Eve Giveaway. Stay posted and check in for new Giveaways, many more to come in 2016!


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