NYC and a Wedding…Sure, I’d l♥ve to.

Another weekend and another city…I promise, I have times where I sit on the couch, snuggle with my husband and pups, binge watch Game of Thrones and eat pizza. But this particular weekend was not one of those times. Instead I jumped on a direct flight to NYC to see my beautiful cousin marry her best friend. Elle’s wedding was my main reason for the trip, but I was also able to squeeze in some time to see a few things I had not seen in my previous trips to NYC. With only one day dedicated to being a tourist, I had to make it count. First up, Elle and Joe’s wedding!


Est. 11-20-15

( In the picture above, Elle and Joe had just found out the sex of their baby. They gave the ultrasound results to the bakery, to color the cake either pink or blue and EVERYONE got to find out the sex, at the reception.)

Back in 2005, my dad shipped me off to visit my family in New York. I am forever grateful for the family bond, that has been built the past 10 years.  Funny enough, the first time I met my cousin Elle I also met Joe. Elle and Joe were high school friends and after college and a lot of life, they finally decided to date (I almost squealed when I saw a pic, of them together on Facebook).  Obviously when I got the text that they were engaged and the wedding was in 2 1/2 months, I immediately booked a ticket to NYC  and that was that. Let me tell you, my family sure does know how to plan a wedding. Everything was beautiful and planned to a T. Following the ceremony, there was a cocktail hour and then a delicious sit down dinner…Though I wanted my husband to be my plus one-he had to be at work- my friend Ileana accepted the invite and we had a great time. The girl is from Chicago and had never been to the Big Apple, craziness. Anyway, I have included some photos from the wedding nuptials. 

More importantly, I also want to extend a BIG CONGRATULATIONS to the new Mr. and Mrs. Eberhart. There is a quote I want to share with you and everyone that is newly married. I had first heard this at my sister’s rehearsal dinner and it has stayed with me ever since.

My greatest wish for the two of you is that through the years your love for each other will so deepen and grow, that years from now you will look back on this day, your wedding day, as the day you loved each other the least.


The Newlyweds and my awkward face.


The first dance, the Bride & Groom’s parents joined in. {Insert Sweet Reaction NOW: Awwww}


Lillian (MOB), Elle and I

As you can see, Ileana had her hands full that night.


 Sorry for the blurriness, but I love this picture so much. This is my Aunt Flo (her name is Florence), she is one fierce, little woman (our stubbornness makes sense now {our: my sister and I}). Not only can she hold her own, she drank me under the table, at 88-years-old. Yeah, so who else has a great-aunt that is that epic? *Side thought: I sure do love my family, craziness and all. 


Meeting more members of the FAMIGLIA!


The Oh-So-Handsome FOB, Dennis


Yes, we did a bathroom selfie. Judge us.


Bored on the MTA, next stop Baldwin.

(Side thought/apology: Ileana, remember how much you love me and how you will always forgive me? It’s the only pic that shows the earrings and your face is always beautiful, no matter your expression. Apology accepted?)

NYC: Day 1 (Before the Wedding) & Our Hotel

 We didn’t have a lot of time since we had to get ready and make a train, but we did walk to Times Square. It was only a block from our hotel. Then we went to H&M (story of my life). I can’t complain too much, I finally found sequin pants!


Although Ileana and I have been jet-setting around the US, let me remind you that we are still 24-years-old and early in our careers.  We are always up for a good deal and you usually can find one when it comes to hotels or even home/apartment rentals.

So after “naming our price” on, countless emails to Homeaway &VRBO vacation rentals, I almost gave up and used my Delta miles. Luckily, by googling “NYC Boutique Hotels”  I stumbled upon a hotel that was reasonably priced, in a great location and had one hell of an interior designer. I’m always a sucker for a place with character. Below are a few photos↓


You can see the lights from Times Square




{My Ratings}

Night Hotel Times Square- Click here to reserve

OVERALL: (3.75) ★★★2/3★  

Price Range$$  We booked the smallest room, so it was around $161/night. It was fine for two girls, but I would recommend a larger room for most others.Our suitcases barely fit, gotta love NYC.                 

Style: Luxury, Modern Boutique ♠Very modern, tasteful and clean.

Travelers: Couples, Friends, Business (Solo) ♠The decor has a sexual aura about it. The black, white and silver color palette continues throughout the hotel and there may be a few risqué photos you won’t want your kiddos to see. 

Staff/Service:★★★★  ♠Everyone that I came in contact with was very accommodating and pleasant. 

Rooms★★★ ♠Rooms are very small, but the bed is extremely comfortable. Also, the walls are not well insulated so noise travels.

Location: ★★★★★ Great, prime location. Walking distance to Times Square, Central Park, 5th Avenue and Central Station.  

Click on any of the links below↓ for more reviews and photos 

TripAdvisor • Yelp • KAYAK

NYC: Day 2 (Doing the Tourist Thing)

 On our last day, we spent most of it touring the city. I had been to NYC a handful of times, but with less than 24 hours remaining we really had to prioritize what we wanted to see. Luckily, we had some amazing tour-guides! Special thanks to Nick, Brooke and John, our trip ended with a bang and we couldn’t have seen so many cool things without you guys! 

{To those who are in NYC for only a short time, take down a few notes from our busy day. I will also list a few other sites I would have liked Ileana to see/visit.}

Take a Walk Through CENTRAL PARK

I had never walked through Central Park and I have visited NYC about 8 times. This was a must on my list and it should be a must on everyone else’s too. You will see so many things, from random stone castles to a mesmerizing quartet, Central Park has something for everyone…It even has a zoo! This place truly epitomizes the culture of New York City, it has a little bit of everything.




Random Stone Castle↑


Photo taken from the top of the castle, I have missed those fall colors!

 The Sweet Shop (My Personal Favorite)


The owner and I, he was so sweet…no pun intended.

I am a sucker for pretty much anything food related, but this little store made my day. This store is a little gem, tucked away in a huge city. If you are able to take a detour off the tourist-path, I really do recommend that you pay The Sweet Shop  a visit.

They serve ice cream in Chinese take-out boxes and they have a huge assortment of candy and chocolates. OH and in the center of the ceiling is a chandelier mostly made out of candies. Not only is the store adorable, they also make some irresistible treats. Brooke -one of our lovely tour-guides- opted for the cookies-n-cream ice cream (even though it was 45°F, I’m not judging), Ileana and I got hot cocoa with milk-chocolate, covered marshmallows and the two guys indulged in some candy. 

P.S. I am not a huge fan of chocolate, but their hot cocoa with marshmallows was one of the most delicious drinks I have ever had. If you are there, you must try it!

Follow this shop on social media- links are on their website






Enjoying our recent purchases

An Uber ride later and we were at the 9/11 Memorial||Freedom Tower


This was something I demanded on seeing…I was in 5th grade when the Twin Towers fell, right at the age where you are becoming perceptive to the world and the evil it can hold. Although I would have liked to visit the museum, our time was limited so that is for my next trip. Our friends that were showing us the city had been to the museum, they recommended a box of tissues and a few alcoholic beverages afterwards…As we were walking to our next destination, we each told our stories from that day: where we were, what we did, what we saw, people we knew/thought of on that day. We didn’t intentionally start that conversation, the memorial just starts it for you. All the names etched into the black stone gives you chills, the feeling is indescribable. This is a memorial that everyone should have on their list.



Onto Brooklyn…to take a picture.

I’m not kidding, we took the subway into Brooklyn, walked 10 blocks just to get a picture. Guess what, I would do it again. Brooke and John knew this pier where you could see NYC’s skyline and the Statue of Liberty. They had never been at night and they were taken away by the city’s beauty too. 

How do you get to the pier?

-We were coming from the Memorial (close to Wall Street), so we took the 4, 5 Subway to Borough Hall. 

-Once exiting the station we walked North down Joralemon Street until we arrived at Brooklyn Bridge Park.



I almost forgot my random, house picture. This little beauty was squished in-between two larger buildings. I am obsessed and I want to move in. 


Day TWO Continues- Dinner and a Dive Bar


The entrance to Sofia Wine Bar & Cafe

Yeah, we kept on keeping on until we had to board our planes. The perks of knowing someone that lives in the city, you let them make the dinner decision- we ended up at one of their favorite restaurants/wine bar- Sofia Wine Bar & Cafe, located in Turtle Bay.

This Cafe is small and does not take reservations, so there normally is a wait but the food and wine is worth it. I knew, from the moment I walked in, I would love the place. Right in the middle of the bar, all bright and lit up was the lamp from The Christmas Story. With their decor, food and wine they get an A from me. The only negative thing I can say is that their calzones were a little too large and the sauce needed a little sprucing up. Other than that, everything else that I tried and/or ordered was delicious.


Above is the Spinach & Artichoke Dip, the Crudo & Melon and the Tiramasu- ALL delicious

Other plates I tried and loved♥: Prosciutto Mac-n-Cheese and the House Salad (not listed on the menu)

Plates my Friends loved♥: Meatloaf and the Magherita Pizza

After Dinner Shenanigans at Cornerstone Tavern


The area that we were in was called Turtle Bay. Originally we were going to go to a popular bar, but when we saw the long line we turned around and started walking aimlessly. Nick heard some good music coming from a place we had passed and next thing you know we were dancing to 90’s rap videos and ordering beers in massive mugs. Well, John ordered a massive beer no one else took on that endeavor. What made the night was their DJ (DJ Joe Rock, he’s on Instagram), it had been years since I had heard some of the songs he was playing AND he had the videos showing on the TVs. Seriously, he was awesome, I requested Afroman and he played him…Brooke requested T.I. and the next thing you heard was Top Back coming through the speakers. In all, what made the night was having fun with good people. Thanks to all of you for a memorable trip!



 In all this short trip was a blast! Who would have thought my 2.5-day trip to NYC would be the longest post I have ever written. It is the city that never sleeps and I can’t say I got more than 10 hours…There was way to many things to see and do. Time is precious people! Sorry that was a little too dramatic, but you don’t go to NYC to relax that’s what Cabo is for. You go to NYC to experience something new and exciting.  Sometimes that means you will be boarding your plane home in pajamas and last night’s makeup, no judgement here. Slight sleep deprivation can be good for the soul, or it’s a hangover and you will need to order a bloody mary asap. Trust me, it’s all worth it. I was able to experience NYC from a completely different perspective. This trip was definitely one for the books. Until my next sporadic adventure…



P.S.There have already been a few questions about outfits, so I am going to do another post solely on what I stuffed in my suitcase. Also stay connected to win a few goodies!! The Macarons and Mason Jars Giveaway is coming soonSneak peak below….and something Kate Spade may be a part of this CHRISTMAS bundle!

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