🎃My FIRST Pumpkin, EVER🎃

I wish I was joking, but the rumor is true. This year was my very FIRST time to carve a pumpkin. Yes, at the ripe age of 24, I finally  got to experience one of Halloween’s oldest traditions. The look on my co-worker’s faces, when I told them of my pumpkin carving deprivation, was of absolute astonishment. Come to think of it, I cannot tell you exactly why I had never carved my own jack o’lantern.I’m pretty sure you are now wondering if I went trick-or-treating, as a child. Of course I did! It was my Dad’s duty to take (watch over) my friends and I, every, single year…At least until we were too old for candy bags and our costumes became a little more risqué. Anyway, that’s beside the point, what I’m trying to say is that I participated (yearly) in Halloween festivities. Yet somehow, for 24 years, I evaded the sliminess of pumpkin guts and the sore muscles from carving- UNTIL NOW.☟☟☟Below are pictures from my FIRST, carving experience with a couple of cool dudes (William&Lucas).

{Removal of the Pumpkin Guts & SeedsDid I mention it was slimy?}

 pumpkinandkidsWilliam liked “de-gutting” the pumpkin more than anything else that followed.



Oh Pumpkin Slime.

pumpkinlucasLucas decided to lend me a hand…Yep, he thought he would just dump the inside of HIS pumpkin into MY pumpkin. Super helpful, but luckily Chris (my husband) was there so Lucas soon started “helping” him. 


William must have been giving me pointers. You know, since he has a little more pumpkin carving experience.☜Truth. 


Almost done. 

{Lessons Learned & The Pumpkins “Up Close & Personal}

 Things I Learned

  1. When cutting the top of the pumpkin, cut at a 45° angle. If you cut it straight up&down the top piece would fall into the pumpkin.
  2. If you plan on shaving parts of the pumpkin, get a shaving tool. It will make your life a lot easier.
  3. Pumpkins are really thick, you have to scoop out A LOT of pumpkin…Especially if you want the light to shine through the parts you shaved.
  4. Pumpkin carving is hard…and time consuming, but I am glad I was FINALLY able to experience it.
  5. For your first pumpkin, don’t be overly ambitious (my #1 mistake). Keep it simple, for your sanity’s sake.  Luckily, I was proactive and brought along a lot of pumpkin ale. 
  6. {On-going experiment} We soaked our pumpkins in a bleach/water mixture, overnight. Hopefully, by doing this, our pumpkins will remain presentable for 8+ days.

The Pumpkins

Background info: I wanted to carve a French macaron, but my  {several} drawing attempts looked like a hamburger. So the cupcake was the logical,next choice. It was easier for my husband, he had three options- Iron Man, Iron Man and Iron Man. pumpkincupcakeb




***Big shout out to Aaron and Jess- Thanks for putting up with us for an entire night, while simultaneously shutting down any pumpkin, throwing shenanigans.  If it wasn’t for your help, I would have likely ended up with a topless pumpkin and a few bloody fingers. 

In all, I think this Halloween endeavor was a success. I can officially say I have carved a pumpkin. Next year I may take another swing at the macaron idea. As for Chris, his Iron Man turned out to be pretty epic. Maybe I should try and talk him into doing the Avengers, next year? It’s a thought. If you try out either of these carvings, please share a photo in the comments below or tag me on Instagram @Lydia_Williams_. I would love to get more ideas for next year’s carving! Oh, I almost forgot, if you want to know my outfit details continue scrolling. I can’t resist dressing up for ANY holiday or catchy t-shirts. 

Hope you have a safe and HaPpY HaLlOwEeN,


Outfit Details}

 P.S. Excuse my awkward smirk. 


T-shirt: Creepin’ It Real Raglan White Shirt (I’m wearing a M, I liked the length better)

Button Down: Relaxed Boyfriend Shirt

Pants: Black Ripped Jamie Jeans (Same jeans, they just no longer have the “super-ripped”)

Shoes: Decaf Sneakers

Necklace: H&M (in stores)- Any simple necklace will do



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