The GaLaxY {Tshirt} Dress

Happy Monday to all! I am(was) writing this post, from the confine of my car, while my husband is yelling at LA drivers…You know, those drivers who should have never been issued a license? Yeah, those people. So instead, I decided to turn on ESPN radio and write a fashion entry for {OOTW}. Football, Fashion and Food, give me any of these and I am a happy camper, in ANY situation. Give me two of these, I am in a good mood for the rest of the day. Now onto the outfit, seeing all of these #NYFW instagram photos inspired me to actually dress up on my day off. Below are the details↓↓↓

{The Details}stardressiphoneblack

Dress: Through the Galaxy Tunic Shirt Dress

Hat: Genie Jordan Hat

Shoes: Denver Lace Up Bootie

Purse: ‘Mini Crosby’ Crossbody Bag

Jewelry: ‘Opening Night’ Station Necklace and Metal Choker Necklace

***The purse color, in the picture, is currently sold out, but the ‘mini crosby’ has great alternative colors. Same goes for the Kate Spade necklace so I included another similar Kate Spade alternative.

⇔Other Alternatives⇔

The Hat

Great $teal: Felt Slouch Fedora

♦Designer♦: Max Leather-Trim Fedora

〈FuNkY〉: Chunky Knit Slouchy Hat

A Little Leopard: Bettina Wool Felt Floppy Hat

The Purse

Great $teal Color: Target Crossbody Handbag

♦Designer & Red♦: Pochette Crossbody

Add some Plaid: Cameron Street Plaid Maise

The Shoes

Great $teal: Faux Leather Platform Booties

♦Designer & Studs♦: ‘Rockstud’ Bootie

Other Option: MAGPIE Ghillie Ankle Boot

The Jewelry

With this look you do not need much, I like wearing necklaces so I chose some simple pieces. If you like earrings Urban Outfitters and Free People have great metal earrings that would be perfect. Spikes can definitely go with this look too, make it your own!

Where to Wear and MORE?


Where to wear: I actually wore this outfit to run errands and go to the mall. Sometimes, even on your day off, you should put on a cute outfit and do your hair and makeup. It really makes you feel good! I’m all about comfort too, especially when I am going to be doing a lot of walking, so I like to wear something that isn’t form-fitting and shoes that I know I can wear for 4+ hours. This outfit is more of a daytime outfit, great for shopping and lunch with the girls.

Change-it-up for Winter: If it is a little more chilly where you are, throw on some tights or thigh-socks, grab your leather jacket and top it off with a scarf! I cannot wait to wear some fall/winter attire, I don’t get to do it much in San Diego…So you best believe I am going to rock some layers on my up-coming trip to Boston!

Accessories Do’s and Don’ts: Do grab that larger purse, especially if it is a color or pattern- just make sure it isn’t too large for your body. Don’t wear a statement necklace, it isn’t needed with this dress. Don’t wear stiletto pumps, this dress is a little grungy so it needs a chunky shoe/boot or you can even wear some Keds or Converse. Do wear a thick scarf, an infinity scarf or- what comes to my mind- a burberry scarfDo wear those retro sunglasses, click the links below⇓ for examples.


‘Lucia’ 53mm Sunglasses

‘Yetti’ 53mm Sunglasses (Black)

Krya Sunglasses

Lila Round Sunglasses


↓↔Other Photos↔↓






The pups say HI!

Sorry it took me a few days to finish this post, my immune system decided to take a vacation and allowed a head cold to move in. I sound like Fran Fine from The Nanny, but worse (I love that show so no hard feelings). Back on subject, I have been slacking a little bit about posting so I want to apologize for that. Sometimes when you have a million things on your mind, goals you want to meet and decisions you want or need to make a lot of things tend to take the back burner. I have a ton of recipes and outfits to share with y’all so I am going to try my best to set aside time to post! Hope y’all liked the outfit and if you have any questions please do not hesitate to contact me!!



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