SALE? Yes, please!

You know you have a problem when you wake up on a Thursday and the two unread text are to remind you of the Nordstrom Anniversary Sale. At this point in my life I have learned to embrace my knack for shopping and spread the love♥! Today I died and went to SALE HEAVEN. Fine, go ahead and laugh, but you all remember/have experienced that feeling. You know, that overwhelming happiness? The feeling when you get to pick a toy, at the end of the day, from being “such a good sport” while your mom was shopping, for a million hours. Uh huh, now y’all are reaching me. We all had a day like that in our younger-years. Well, that is the exact feeling I had as I was diligently scrolling through Nordstrom’s website. I wanted to share some possible outfit ideas and see what y’all think!!!!

Leopard and Bows


I love this look, especially for us short people. The slightly-flared black pants give you an illusion of a longer leg. I love a simple blouse, but I love it more with a bow. I always like to add a little flare and the leopard shoe does just that.

Where to Wear: Casual date night, Work (on casual Fridays)

Jewelry: Stud Earrings (small and simple)

Purse: Black Crossbody

Edgy Stripes


Well, I guess black is my color today. This is such a cute dress, it could be dressed up or dressed down. I saw the gothic-style necklace and immediately thought it would add an edgy vibe to the stripes, two things you normally wouldn’t think go together. Instead of topping it off with a colored shoe, I opted for a thick, metallic heel.

Where to Wear : Popular (Loud and Fun) restaurant with your girlfriends that ends with a night out on the town

Purse: Colored clutch/ wrist wallet (Here is where you can add a pop of color, if you want)

Hope everyone has had a great week!



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