The Beautiful Annapolis, MD

Annapolis is a city that will forever be close to my heart, for numerous reasons. To start, there are very few cities, in the U.S., that truly have four seasons. Annapolis is the exception. This city, that is situated on the Severn River, has Summers that are hot and humid, Falls that are crisp and cool, Winters that are white and icy and Springs that are bright and pleasant. Each season comes and goes, just before you become irritated from shoveling snow in the driveway or swatting away those thirsty mosquitoes. If the seasons aren’t enough, then the city’s vast history and quaint atmosphere will get you. The entire cities oozes with early American stories, traditions and buildings that hae stood the test of time. Situated in the heart of Annapolis is the state capital building. Its large rotunda marks the middle of the city and the start of downtown. As you travel past the capital building, the roads start to turn into cobblestone, a clear marker of the city’s age, and situated on the sides of those streets are the most adorable shops and restaurants. The most popular street is Main Street, it will lead you down to City Dock where there is a lot of hustle and bustle going on, especially on the weekends when the “Mids” are out. What are Mids? I am glad you asked, along with all of the charms of this city, is one of the most beautiful campuses I have ever stepped on. This campus is where the Midshipmen live and attend classes, The United States Naval Academy. Fine, I may be partial; USNA is where I met my husband, back in 2008, and I have to say, he looked pretty darn cute in those uniforms. Apart from my slightly biased opinion, USNA  truly is one-of-a-kind. It has a remarkable history, beautiful architecture and a respectable education. I am proud that I will forever be part of the Academy, all thanks to my husband (insert: he is giving himself a nice pat on his back for this). I spent countless weekends, in Annapolis, visiting my now husband, while he attended USNA. There is so much to do and see that I almost forgot to mention, this city LOVES the water. Owning a boat is about as common as owning a car. If you get bored of walking around, there are a ton of places you could rent a jet ski or paddle board and make a day of it. As you can tell, I fell in love with Annapolis. Even to this day, I jump at every opportunity to return. It may not be on many people’s “Must Visit” list, but this city’s charm is something to experience in a lifetime.

                                                                       Yours truly,



Restaurants & Bars

After spending my share of time in Annapolis I have made my “have to have while I’m in town” exclusive list. Below are my must try/must haves when I am in town:

McGarvey’s Saloon & Oyster Bar  (Must Try: Crab Dip)

Acme Bar and Grill (Must Try: Terriyaki Wings and/or Memphis Gold Wings)

City Dock Coffee (Must Try: Chai Tea Latte, Hot or Cold)

Sofi’s Crepes (Must Try: The Kevin Bacon or Create Your Own)

Bella Italia (Must Try: Calzone)

Special Events

If you are ever visiting Annapolis in mid to late October, the midshipmen of USNA put on a Halloween/All Saints Concert. The concert is a must see and is nothing short of spectacular.

Below ↓↓↓are a few moments captured from our last visit! 

Tecumseh, Commissioning Week 2015

Tecumseh, Commissioning Week 2015


USNA Staff Housing

Enjoying a City Dock Chai

Enjoying a City Dock Chai

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